Petros Ring

Resident Point Hacker
Hoboken, NJ

Welcome to Turn On Course.

I'm Petros, your resident point hacker and host. On my 18th birthday I applied for my first credit card and ever since then started learning about credit card points and airline miles. I've opened 14 credit cards since and traveled across the US and Europe for a fraction of the normal cost. At the heart of it, I love the ability to optimize a small aspects of your life (ex: which credit card to use for this purchase) so that I can take my friends and family on trips that we'll never forget.

I want to teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can explore the world without breaking the bank. Through this blog we'll go through topics like how to build your credit, what are the best travel reward cards, how to get the most value for your points and so much more.

When I'm not traveling or writing this blog you can find me as a software engineer at Paxos. I write code behind our crypto trading systems that powers the crypto integration for companies like Venmo, Mercado Libre and Interactive Brokers. I also am a pilot and fly out of Essex County Airport in Northern New Jersey with the dream to one day build my own plane (hopefully an RV-14). Also, the name of this blog comes from a radio call I sometimes get to make: "Tower, Two Three Niner Alpha Papa, Turn On Course, Good Day."