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I'm Petros, your dedicated guide through the world of personal finance. On my 18th birthday, I took a pivotal step and obtained my first credit card. Since then, I've immersed myself in the captivating realm of credit card points and airline miles, uncovering the secrets of maximizing rewards. With a collection of 14 credit cards under my belt, I've embarked on incredible journeys across the United States and Europe, all while spending only a fraction of the usual cost.

At the core of my passion lies the thrill of optimizing even the smallest aspects of life—whether it's choosing the perfect credit card for a specific purchase or mastering the art of maximizing travel rewards. By sharing my expertise on this blog, I aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge to explore the world without burdening your bank account. Together, we'll delve into a wide range of topics, including building a solid credit foundation, uncovering the best travel reward cards, extracting maximum value from your hard-earned points, and much more.

About Me

When I'm not traveling or crafting insightful articles for this blog, you'll find me immersed in the world of software engineering at Paxos. My work involves developing cutting-edge code for crypto trading systems, facilitating seamless crypto integration for esteemed companies like Venmo, Mercado Libre, and Interactive Brokers. Additionally, I'm fueled by my love for aviation and often take to the skies from Essex County Airport in Northern New Jersey. With an ambitious dream of constructing my very own plane—a remarkable RV-14—I continue to soar towards new heights. The name "Turn On Course" encapsulates the essence of this blog, inspired by the invigorating radio call I occasionally make during my flights: "Tower, Two Three Niner Alpha Papa, Turn On Course, Good Day."

Get ready to steer your finances in the right direction and embark on a remarkable journey towards financial freedom and unforgettable experiences. Welcome to Turn On Course—where we navigate the path to financial success together!